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November 12, 2020

I know we had them in “The Princess and the Frog” and “The Cat in the Hat” and we’d love to do a “Dino-Man” in the series. It’s kind of like the old “Toy Story” or, at least for me, the older episodes. In that way, we’ll take some of the humor of the cartoon and bring it to life.”

Haley has been vocal about the need for animation on these movies — both in front of and behind the camera — in a way that other Pixar animators have been slow on expanding that kind of dialogue.

“The animation on [the upcoming “Rise of the Guardians”] isn’t any better than it was in the old days,” he said. “It’s pretty disappointing that [there’s] no more innovation with the animation quality because when I see things, it’s much less polished than it used to be, and a lot of that is down to just the way we treat the characters,” he said.

In the world of Hollywood, Haley said that he would always consider Pixar if he were to be asked to create a movie for the studio. That’s something he had been doing for over a decade as the head of the animation department for Disney: he oversaw the development, animation and release of the original “Toy Story” movies.

Haley would also love to have his own Pixar movie someday, and he’s interested to see what other teams are doing in the wake of Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm.

At the time that Disney acquired Lucasfilm, it appeared to have more creative freedom than it was accustomed to; Disney had not only brought on executives from Pixar and Industrial Light and Magic, but also announced a slate of five “Star Wars” films as well.
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The deal is believed to have given both Lucasfilm and Disney a much clearer vision of what the future could look like than they had had since before the acquisition. (With the exceptions of “The Last Jedi,” which comes out later this year, “The Force Awakens” is the only new film from the Disney side of the deal.)

In contrast, Lucasfilm was expected to have a much smaller role in the development of “Star Wars,” though it’s highly expected that it could make some kind of contribution down the road.

One area that was a source of contention between Disney and Lucasfilm was the lack of a director for “Rogue One,” which was helmed by Kathleen Kennedy . In a

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