What should I draw ideas? – How To Draw Cars Youtube

November 24, 2020

And what should I draw in a way that will lead to another idea? It’s a really difficult and fun area to explore, and I encourage you to make it your own. When you’re done, come back and answer some more questions.

Do you have a specific topic as a question?

[long pause]

I’m curious, in particular, to know what inspires you to create a piece of art.

I’m a child of the 70s, and I think you’re an inspiration to a lot of young artists. The thing I love about you is you seem to not only capture the spirit of the 70s, but also your experience with music.

Yeah. I don’t know how to explain it, but I’m fascinated by music. I was a big fan of the Beatles, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, that whole bunch of stuff. I remember hearing that Pink Floyd song on the radio and thinking, what the fuck is that? What the fuck? I went there. And I wanted to be a musician, too, so I went and studied music history.

My mom was an amazing singer, so when that happened, I thought, this is really cool. And I think I felt that way since that time. The thing I’m interested in today, and what I’m obsessed with right now, is getting out of the bubble of just being a musician. It’s so limiting.

The bubble in you is getting out of school, where you don’t have to put in work.

For the most part. I work very much on ideas, not music. There are times when I write and listen, and there’s times when I just do it.

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This is another place where your music comes in handy, because you don’t have to be an actual musician to do work on the side. What are some good examples of ideas and music you’ve put in the ground?

So what I did when I was a kid was I was in a band. It was really cool. The only problem with that is I was so small, there weren’t many songs. I didn’t have any songs until I was in the eighth grade. I had a good drummer and a great lead singer, but we didn’t have a song that we could release. It would’ve been like our little debut album. When I was a kid, I had really good ideas, but it was difficult for me to use them because I had no experience with it

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