What should I draw ideas? – Cool Things To Draw

August 23, 2020

Do I follow a simple format and do it for the whole picture? I draw the idea in my mind and I think about it later. This may happen two hours later when I’m at work, or six hours later, or not at all.

You should always have to stop at least once. No single thought will be good enough for you. But if I think that something is right because it made me think right, then that’s how it has to be. The idea must be clear and simple. Then I just draw that.
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Do I use colors when drawing pictures? Yes. I draw everything with colors except the sky and clouds. They make a world. The colors are a good way to get a feeling of reality. They do not need to be bright, but can be subtle in their shade.

When you’re drawing, remember that you only have a small body – you can’t have a whole picture. If something is wrong, it needs to be changed. You can’t just draw in one place that you find to feel as if you had seen an animal or a person and there’s something wrong with it. I like to do that when I’m drawing. I don’t like to change.

I don’t like to change things without taking it in, I don’t like to do it slowly and not really change things until I’ve decided. I find this to be very frustrating!

There is too much pressure on myself to do it quickly, to do it perfectly, the way it’s supposed to be done. I need to relax.

So I put this to the test. My children said the sky looked strange. So I decided that I should change it to look like a human being.

It took me three days to draw the face, but I only managed to do it once. This gave me a shock.

That was a shock of its own. I felt like a failure, like I’d lost something, but I didn’t. I thought about it later and realized that what I’d really done was to give my children a glimpse of what I wanted them to think.

There is a lot of pressure, and you should never put a lot of pressure on yourself, but then you should expect a lot of pressure on yourself – and that’s very healthy.

I don’t like to force anything on myself. I would never go as far as drawing pictures and then having them destroyed or altered by others.


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