What does drawing a pig say about your personality? – How Do You Draw A Cars

September 23, 2020

When is the last time you saw a child play with a pig?

What about a toddler playing with a pig?

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What does drawing a pig mean about your personality?

It means you are different, because you can draw and make art and do art.

(And now here is a video! I don’t know how cute this picture is yet…please watch if you are like me!)

The Supreme Court on Wednesday said an appeal by the government’s move in favour of an RSS-backed organisation is unlikely to succeed because of the “vast majority” of people who oppose its views.

The apex court bench has agreed to hear the appeal against the May 2016 verdict of the Delhi High Court which has invalidated the Election Commission’s ordinance on registration of political parties.

The Centre had argued that a ban on political parties was an exercise of “purely political and communal” nature and had no merit. “But you cannot get away with political intimidation and force. This is a case of force. There is a vast Majority of the people who oppose the views of the organisations,” a bench of Justices Ranjan Gogoi and AK Sikri said.

The bench gave due regard to the fact that during the proceedings in the earlier judgment, “many of the parties opposed the order on the ground that such a move was an exercise of the State for the public good.”

The Centre said the case concerned the registration of election candidates for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, where there will be a total of 18 Lok Sabha constituencies. It had argued that since there were no elections yet in those 18 constituencies, this would not affect the outcome of the election. It added that the court will give careful consideration to both sides when it decides on this petition and decide in favour of the Centre.

The bench also asked the Sainiks and the BJP to file affidavits in writing on the ground that the decision in the case (Ravindra Bhatt vs the Union of India) requires a “significant number of people to show their disagreement”.

The Bench also said it may not take any decision till further clarification is received from Delhi High Court.

On May 8, 2016, the Supreme Court had directed the Election Commission to issue a notification directing all political parties to get a registration certificate within 15 days.

Earlier, the Election Commission had cancelled the registration of BJP’s Mahila Lok Dal (Congress) and Congress’ All India Shiromani Ak

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