How do you sketch a car for beginners? – Draw Car 3D Game Y8

November 2, 2020

This is a two- step process. The first is simply to learn the basic shapes of a car, starting with the hood and doors. To do this, you have to learn the basic shapes of the body (the front and rear) and all the details of making the body (the tires, the tires’ shape, the wheels, etc.). All of these details come from basic shapes of cars with the same general shape, but that you have not seen or heard before. I have also given a lot of examples in this blog post.

I hope that you find the blog article and the sketches useful while practicing on your own.
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For details and how to use the SketchApp, see here.

P.S. – It’s quite a little bit more to learn the basic shapes of a car, but you find out those quickly enough, so this is really not that bad after all. This is also useful, if you want to make something yourself, you don’t really need to work alone 😉

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