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August 20, 2020

What is the most important thing you do with your hair? Can you do something that no other woman has done before? Does your face have an inner look that you’re very conscious of?

What are some of the characteristics your beauty style has?

If you have a boyfriend, what do you do to comfort one another? And what do you do when you’re with a partner?

You have a lot of experience in this field – when you started, how long was the last time that you weren’t on the runway. What’s it like being a single woman in the industry for these many years?

“I love my job. It’s like a part-time job that pays well and I have no time-off at all.”

What’s the difference between you and any other women?

In our work with men we learn to be aware, to respect the beauty of what we do. For women, it’s less about looking good with what you have to do and more about how you express yourself. Also, it’s not just about how much you look good. If you put just a tiny bit of effort into your beauty it will look better because of the amount of attention you give in the room. It’s more about the expression of who you are.

What did you do prior to coming to L’Oréal?

We were living in San Francisco, working part-time at a tattoo shop, getting some tattoos for our friend. I’d done my own work for a year, done hair and makeup. I didn’t own a studio, so I went to a studio in Chinatown and rented a space on a building owned by a guy named Bob. We went to work at four in the morning, got home, made our makeup, came back, worked for five hours, came back in the evening, did my hair and makeup for five hours, came back. My sister and I started teaching ourselves what we needed to do for hair and makeup.

How do you look for clients?

There are so many. You go to the salon, get your makeup and hair done. You pick the woman who looks the best. It’s a very important thing with women because you only see what you see. There are so many beauty companies. I’ve been in so many places, including Los Angeles and NYC, to have people walk me through these opportunities. A lot of women don’t know what it takes to get what they want. Once you

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