How do you draw an old truck? – How To Draw An Old Fashioned Car Step By Step

November 11, 2020

How do you draw?

A year or so ago, I was just sitting with all my boys and I was showing them some drawings. It was this nice truck, and I was drawing one of this guy who was driving it. I said, “You know you could just take a shot and we don’t really want to do that. Would you mind seeing an action shot where you could hit him in the face?” I didn’t realize how clever I was.

And my boys said, “We would never do that!” And I said, “See, you’re wrong.” I knew I was on a winner now. I had just shown them something that could be a hit, because I hadn’t been trying to hit him. That led to other things. I had an opportunity to show the guys how to do a motorcycle stunt.

In that scene you could see them coming up on the motorcycle, running up and down the motorcycle. It was so fluid and seamless.

Do you have an image of them coming up on the motorcycle?

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Yes. I had a few. It takes some time for them to come up against the wall, and then they see the wall from above. And I thought that was pretty cool. I’d like to go back and get pictures of the guys coming up on the motorcycle.

You talked in A History of the World in 80 Objects that you wanted to go back and see the guys just driving the truck. Was it hard to find them?

It was a great job trying to get them because there’s a lot of different people out there who wanted to drive the truck. If you had a studio, you always wanted to have more people driving truck on film, not to say it was difficult to get them for TV. But for us, it was a bit of a challenge.

The story is, there were a lot of people who did the truck stunt on film. There were two of us who were hired on film. The rest went to other productions. So some people said, “Hey, you should go see the movie. Get back in the truck.” One said, “Yeah, we’ve been in the truck before.” We didn’t know he was a new person from that film. But he said, “I’ll drive you guys back to that truck as soon as I get in a taxi.”

I said, “Great. But when you come back we’re not going to see you ever again.” And he

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