How do you draw an army vehicle? – How To Draw A Cool Race Car Step By Step

November 25, 2020

That depends on the model, its loadout and the vehicles available.

A Heavy Artillery Tank’s loadout is generally made up mainly of a heavy gun and several high-explosive shells. The heavy gun is the big thing here. A Heavy Artillery has a 40mm autocannon turret. This turret is typically fitted with a rangefinder, and has a high dispersion and a large area of effect. The gun has a lot of firepower and is best suited to a medium tank. The high rate of fire makes this tank very deadly against lightly armoured or lightly armoured vehicles, even tank-killer TDs. This is an excellent vehicle against other heavy tanks or other vehicles that are slow and are difficult to hit. A typical Heavy Artillery Tank has 6-10 Medium-Range Artillery pieces, with 10-15 high-explosive shells.

This Heavy Artillery Tank has an effective range of about 1000m. This means that the heavy gun will hit the target more often than your average tank. The only reason why they won’t hit is because the target is too spread out, this usually means that the tank is not very maneuverable, and is likely to run into the tank just as your shells are hitting it.

Heavy Artillery Tanks have excellent armour protection. The high-explosive shells will only penetrate the front armour of the vehicle that is closest to the vehicle when firing, and the armour itself will do minimal damage to your tank. The armour provides sufficient protection to prevent an effective tank wipe. This is more effective against infantry and anti-tank weapons like anti/mechs. However, there is a reason why a Heavy Artillery tank can be used against infantry. Many infantry are either on moving units or stationary, these vehicles will make any infantry kill look pointless by the fact that you are still able to kill the soldiers on the moving unit. Another reason why Heavy Artillery Tanks can work so well against infantry is the lack of high rate of fire.
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These Heavy Artillery Tanks have medium-to-long range of 1200m when firing the high-explosive shells. It could make a heavy tank a great weapon to use against infantry as well. However, the long range could mean that even the infantry would have difficulty making an effective attack against such highly mobile units.

A Heavy Tank is also more suited to counter-attacking than a medium tank, since it’s more mobile and has longer range. This is why most infantry should

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