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September 14, 2020

It’s a hard, tricky question to answer. In the early 1960s, when I started working in animation, a question used to come up about how a turtle might draw, and the answer would be “as best you can.”

But now, in the early 1990s, I was asked something similar — it was about the idea that a turtle does sometimes draw a curved line from the neck to the tip of its tail. So you might think the answer would be that a turtle would draw such a line, but I never got that question. “Why not?” you might ask. The thing is: I couldn’t think of any reason at all why a turtle could draw from its neck. It’s just not in the animal’s DNA.

Turtle neck diagrams, which are often confused with the idea of a turtle head, are drawn in many different ways. (Credit: NASA’s Eagleworks division)

The first time I drew a turtle, there wasn’t a question about whether it could draw a curved line. It was just a way of making sure that anyone who was asking the question understood the question the first time. The turtle would get a look like this, with the question being answered as “yes” from above, as shown here.

Or this, as shown below.

(Courtesy: NASA’s Eagleworks division)

For most of those early drawings that have come out, the turtle has a flat, wide torso, but this is still possible with some careful drawing.

(Courtesy: NASA’s Eagleworks division)

The next time I drew a turtle head, I tried sketching it from below. But then I realized I had gotten the wrong head shape. So I made a decision to show the face of the turtle in both the upper and lower regions, with the turtle being shown in the lower region. That also didn’t work out right because there wasn’t much of the head visible. I tried again. This time I got the wrong head shape, and I drew the head from below.

And this time, it went well.

(Courtesy: NASA’s Eagleworks division)

After I did some more work on the head and a few more drawings, it turned out that, in practice, my turtle did actually draw from the neck and tail in two-dimensional drawings. It just couldn’t quite figure out how.

The question was, is this really a good or bad thing?


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