How do you draw a tank? – How To Draw A Dog

August 31, 2020

I like to draw a tank because of my background in art and the fact that it looks like a model. I draw a tank and model it. At first, I think, “I can’t do this because of the proportions” – and then I start practicing, it’s almost like a dance!

It’s like this slow-motion, slow-fire animation that I can hold in my head at all times, because I’m always practicing. That’s also something I like to do.

And what about the water? I love to use water! That’s one of my favorite things. I draw things with water. I’ll do things with water where I can’t do a normal tank. There’s nothing more exciting and I love that! Sometimes I’ll take water and use it as a color, too – I think it’s better for the overall effect than having a normal color.

For example, when I’m doing a background of a beach, I draw on the water and paint it, and this is so exciting. When you’re able to do that, the water is even more fascinating! It feels more natural because you’re drawing on the colors and not on the background itself.

I don’t really understand other people’s methods – I can’t understand the process from the beginning till the end. I can’t really comprehend it at all. For example, how do you make it more interesting?

It’s all about how I feel. Sometimes, the more I draw something, like water, the more interesting and beautiful things it becomes. Then, when I look at another person, I’ll get the same result. I mean, I don’t really understand what the reason could be, but when you draw things on water, I think that it’s just awesome. I wish every day I could have my own beach with this kind of water on it.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about your process for making art. There are some really interesting aspects to it for us: from water effects, to art, to inspiration. Would you like to share some of the important techniques that you use?

It’s so complicated! Because of the whole “me” feeling, every day my whole style changes. Some days I don’t feel the same at all, while some of a more “ordinary” type of drawing. When my style changes, I like to think that I’m able to take some of my personal characteristics and make them a part of

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