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October 29, 2020

A ship is like a giant skeleton. There are two parts, the hull and the superstructure. The hull is the part that floats over the water and has an upper part that houses the engine. Now the most important part is the superstructure, this is the part that comes in contact with the water and acts as a buoyant part. And the superstructure is made of various materials and colors, most often it is composed of glass, but also various metallic material are used to create the look of the ship. A ship is constructed with two parts, the hull and the superstructure, then the sails are connected to make a whole ship. These ships have sails of several colors, there are also the three different shapes, such as three-point star, and the ship has a very wide range of sizes, ranging from ships of several hundred meters to ones that are quite large. There are many different kinds of sails that we can use. Now, we need to talk about propulsion, because there are two different types of propulsion engines and there are also three types. The first kind is the combustion engines, these are two-stroke engines that use internal combustion, which is the combustion of fuel and then a steam explosion. And this type of engines is really quite old, it has been in existence for a long, very long time. But it is really still used today. The second kind are the chemical engines, they are usually powered by the application of solvents and they are a bit more complicated. The third and most advanced kind is the turbine motor- they are used mainly in submarines, and they have been used and used to build these submarines. Let’s go! These engines have to be strong and they are very sophisticated. Here are the two types of engines used: first, the combustion engines, and the second is the chemical engines. So let’s jump to the combustion engines. The most basic type of combustion engine is a piston engine. This simple engine uses pistons so when you press the button, you produce energy. It’s all the combustion that’s been done. The problem with this kind of combustion engines is that they are quite expensive and quite powerful, however, these are still used in modern engines. Another type of engine is the oil-cooled piston engine, and this type of engine uses a different approach to combustion, and it is more of a reaction between the propellant and the heat which results in a more durable engine. You can see from an older version of the oil-cooled piston engine that
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