How do you draw a person? – Why Are Cars Hard To Draw

August 16, 2020

There aren’t a lot of different ways to do it, but in my opinion there is only one way to find out how to draw a person and it is this: look at them and see what they are all about, the ways they are different from your average person and look at it through their eyes, then see if there are any similarities to you or to me, then look at that, see if there is anything to be gained from them or to me, and then draw what you can of him or her. So that is what I learned.
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But, you may ask, how do I draw such a face? Well, first off, there isn’t one. One face isn’t enough. Every face is different, every person is different, and some are more developed than others. We’re all different. We are all very different. For sure. So you’re going to have to draw from both sides of that coin, both the person’s mind and our own mind, and then draw the face you have in mind, and if you choose to use the whole person instead of just just a part of him or her (in an attempt to emulate someone else) then you’re going to have to have that whole person drawn out as well.

As for drawing a picture, drawing a face is an amazing drawing tool and one that isn’t very common. You’re going to have to have this wonderful feeling when you look at somebody. You’re going to have to have the urge to sketch the face exactly as you would see it in your mind. There is a special reason why I’ve drawn so many different people, I’ve got pictures that I’ve drawn down from my memories. One of my pictures was of my mother, and the picture of my little sister, and then I was there, I walked down the street with them. I don’t know what they were thinking at that point, but something told me that maybe they could get along, that maybe they would be able to look on the inside of your mind and they could understand you, and maybe you could help them see the big picture. We all want to see people like us. It’s natural. If you look at one person and you see that in their face there’s nothing that indicates who they are, you have to have that picture of the face as well, and just that picture in your thoughts, as a little mental picture.

There is no one way to tell a person apart, because there are so many faces to draw

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