How do you draw a Mustang easy? – How To Draw Cars 3 Cam Spinner Voice

October 25, 2020


I think it’s important for you to understand just how simple it is to draw a Mustang. This Mustang is a real workhorse.

My next Mustang project is to create Mustang Bricks and do some other projects on them. I am also going to make several others using my Mustang design.

Here’s the Mustang, looking great with the white interior.

Cars Coloring Book for Kids - Doodle, Paint & Draw Hack ...
I think this is the most obvious part of any car you can see. You’ll notice it’s hard to see the white paint behind the chrome. I would imagine this is because a car is designed mostly on its exterior. The exterior is meant to display what the car looks like while the interior is just there for convenience. In many ways, the interior is actually hidden beneath the exterior. I hope you find this helpful and consider drawing you own Mustang from this photo.

Here’s how to draw a Mustang.

1. Start with a standard circle. Don’t worry if the circles make no sense here. The circle should be around 45″ across.

2. To show you how large the circle is, and to show you how many sides it has, I have drawn another circle, slightly smaller, that is approximately 2″ by 2″.

3. You can use anything you want for your circles; I am just going to keep the white color because we’re making a light colored car.

4. Then draw the lines around the circle. Don’t worry about using the lines as drawn. Use the lines to make the car.

5. Draw a box around the circle. Use the same principles as you did to make a circle.

6. Use your circle to fill the box. Don’t worry about what is on the inside of the box. Don’t worry about what would be visible if your vehicle was removed from it’s box. It won’t be visible after you draw it, especially if you start with a circle that is around 45″ across.

7. After you make the box, draw a line from one outside side of the box to the right, so that there are 2.5″ of white on that side. This line will keep the white from being too much of a distraction in the next step where you will use black to fill in some of the rest of the white. This is so we can focus on drawing the white on the front, rear and side, and the black for lights.

8. Use the lines you just drew to

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