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September 24, 2020

You use these rules.

How do you find out which ones to draw, and which ones to leave out? I used Google Images. I looked at every Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang. I had to know all of these colors, the sizes, the heights, and the shapes (not sure how I got this, but I just did it).

Why all the secrecy? And why not talk about it?

I can’t really speak to the secrecy behind the original drawings and designs – which I’d love to know, too – and the reasons why some of the people behind them felt the need to keep it all under lock and key. I suppose they wanted to protect the details of the original drawings and designs, and I assume the secrecy was related to that. I was told that the design of the original drawings was done by some guy living in a remote island in the Pacific Ocean who drew the original drawings but never returned to the United States or the U.S.A. and never showed them to anybody (though they said the drawings were given to him by people in the U.S. government, but I don’t think that’s true).

The original drawings of the Mustang and the Camaro from this time period were made out of a single sheet of blue plastic sheet, and each sheet was cut up by hand, and then the parts were photographed and made with a rotary camera. The drawings were first published in 1956, six years before the Mustang was actually built.

I’ve read that you and your fellow Car Guys members and fans were not allowed to see the original drawings and drawings of the prototypes of the Mustang. Why was that?
CAR and TRANSPORT DESIGN portfolio by JF. Video ...

That’s what I was told. We were also told that we couldn’t talk about the original drawings of the design, and we were never shown the actual Mustang prototypes. The person who created the design of the Mustang (and that person also created the designs for the Camaro) probably felt that it was a poor idea to show such things.

The original drawings that the Mustang was based on were probably very good ideas. The drawings were probably good for a prototype, but I think it would have been a bad idea to use them for a finished product – particularly one that looked radically different from the prototype.

Why did you want to go back to the original concept drawings?

I found all of them on old hard drives of an old lady who had lived a long time

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