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August 8, 2020

I will draw you a llama.

But you know, you know how you draw a llama. I draw you a llama.

One morning over a bottle of tea (you’ll have to excuse the typo), Dave and I sat down to talk about where we stand in the world of Star Citizen. In short, here are the main takeaways from it.

We’ll be doing a podcast tomorrow at 10am EST, so stay tuned!

What’s Next for Star Citizen?

I talked about the upcoming release of Squadron 42, which comes out on 1st September (though we will be able to play it on 29th May), and the roadmap for Star Citizen. I did give some hints about the game, which we can take as a sign of the way Star Citizen is headed.

This is a very vague roadmap, and there’s a lot of good details there. Let’s take it one step at a time though.

In June, the ship-construction tool called “Engineering-Babylon” will be able to build entire ships. This includes fighter variants and the “new” Starfarer. There’s a reason for this:

They’ll require lots of construction materials, including parts that are still pretty new, or in the case of the Hornet are in the prototype phase, which means it’s impossible for us to build them right now. We do have tools to build some of the fighters, but they’re not ready to roll yet.

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The main point is that I believe that as the game develops, it will get better. We’re getting more data on the game and refining the systems, and as the game goes along, we’re starting to get parts that are cheaper and easier to construct.

We’ll see some of those elements come into play in Star Citizen, but we haven’t seen any of them yet. For example, I asked for an X-wing-style tractor beam-based engine module in the newsletter, and as it turns out, we cannot do this.

Instead, we have this new shipyard called “Engineering-Babylon”, which will start with a set of “unspecified” parts (like a TIE fighter) and then we can build “specific” parts from them (in this case the engine module) into a fighter variant.

They’re using this system for ships like the Hornet, which are already on the development process. For example

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