How do you draw a llama for kids? – How To Draw A Sport Cars

October 20, 2020

A big, soft face (I found a similar llama with a very big face at the Zoo in San Francisco), large ears (so they don’t get frightened by the noise of the car outside), and long thick legs.

When do you draw, as a toddler? Do you like to draw?

To read more about the process, watch, listen and learn more from this episode . Enjoy!
Cars 3 Jackson Storm by sgtjack2016 on DeviantArt

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Art is great, but it can be tough to get into when you are just starting out. If you ever got your first art class and you didn’t like it, the goal is to avoid repeating it. Don’t worry.

It’s not about the material. If it can’t move you, it doesn’t mean it can’t be an enriching experience. I’ve always felt it is a great opportunity to learn about different elements of art from a variety of artists. My guess is that it will make you want to draw even more.

That’s my promise.

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