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December 4, 2020

How do you draw the letterhead?

As well as being the greatest car of all time, Ford began as a small firm, starting from nothing and turning out some of Britain’s most successful brands. It has been doing this since 1883, since Ford’s first car was produced in 1887, with its most famous product, the Ford Mark II.

The UK’s only fully fledged free speech organisation is to be merged with an organisation that has called for violence to be used against the US.

A group called the English Defence League (EDL) says it will now be called the English Defence League and operate under the same slogan.

The UK has a number of organisations that have called for actions such as arson to be carried out against US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Other groups include the English Defence League and a section of the EDL called the English Defence League UK.

Both groups have published on their own websites calls for attacks against American troops and other violence and have called for mass protest against the country at anti-war protests.

The group that will become the English Defence League called on anyone who supports the group to call it by its new name and send the group a letter demanding the organisation change its name.

On its website the group says: “There is no freedom in the name of freedom… Freedom is not free until we all pay the price!”

‘Violence is the only answer’

The group said that it will become its own organisation and will cease to be the English Defence League and will also stop calling itself the English Defence League UK.

A statement on its website made clear that its activities will now continue as it has always done as it has no intention of changing its name and its methods.

The UK group said: “It is time for those who have supported the EDL as an example for other neo-fascists to recognise that violence is the only answer and that you don’t have to act like fascist extremists to achieve your aims and you definitely don’t need to use violence to achieve what you are fighting for.

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As long as their actions are legal they should be celebrated by all. EDL

“As long as their actions are legal they should be celebrated by all.

“But those who support the EDL, or the EDL UK, should not support them as long as their actions are illegal you are a fascist sympathiser and an anti-human right fascist.


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