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September 28, 2020

There’s only one way to do this and that is this.” -Bubblegum.com

You know it’s a great idea when you hear it from the owner who created the “Best Fish Company in Town!”

Now, I’m not going to spend one whole blog post telling you to come meet and shop at Bubblygum.com (because there really is no reason to do so). And really, they’re a fantastic site, especially in the “Bubblegum” department:

But, I do want to talk about their new design for their main website, and their new logo. I think the logo is really fun. I don’t know a single designer who thinks that fish is a good idea. But, they do and I’m glad they did.

I think the new design is really cool. And the new brand is awesome. (And I hope their new logo is amazing to anyone who gets their hands on it.)

Let’s take a look at their new logo:

First, the word “Bubblegum” is in the logo. This is what I always tell people: I don’t have a problem with this. I find it cute. And I love that the fish is not just a generic “dongle” type logo. That’s a totally boring design.

I love the lettering in the logo as well. It’s bright and fresh — like an iPhone, but a bit cooler. I like the word “Bubblegum” in bold. I love that they’re trying to appeal more to kids than their competitors. (Just as a note: I love the look of Bubblegum.com.)

The thing that really stands out is that they’ve changed their color scheme. “Green” is the new “Gumby.” The new “Fish” is a new color called “Rave Green.” I love that Bubblygum.com has a green design. (And I really like that they took their time with adding the new logo — they actually waited until yesterday, so they had time to do the actual design.)

The “Fish” is on a blue background (a blue background with a pink fish is a bit of a “chick lit” logo. Blue and purple.) And the “Gumby” is orange. So that’s another visual cue.

The lettering at the bottom is also nice, but doesn’t really have any

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