How do you draw a easy unicorn? – How To Draw Cars 3 Very Easy Jackson Storm Truck

September 12, 2020

A quick and dirty solution:

I’ll start by taking a random character, then drawing a unicorn for her. She moves slowly, which is the best way to draw her if you’re thinking about it!

Note that I’m drawing a unicorn by hand in Illustrator, for this guide we’ll be using Microsoft Paint, however this tutorial is applicable to any vector-based drawing program, just try some and you should be able to see some similarities!

Next, we’ll add the unicorn to our shape, but before doing so we have to take a look at the basic unicorn.

When we created the unicorn’s silhouette we made it out of all the elements which we have at our disposal for making our shapes:

We didn’t draw it in the “shape group”, but rather in a single vector shape called “unicorn”.

We need to draw something called “unicorn” in Illustrator. We’ll take a look at that soon…

When we’ve completed the entire silhouette we will add a “cameo shape” to “unicorn”, for this purpose, we’ll draw an outline of our background and add it to our new shape in the “cameo shape group”.

We want the “cameo shape” to create a “bubble” around our character which we shall use to draw the unicorn.

Now we have a full “cameo shape” ready to go, so let’s move to the main task – the line segment:

Line segment is the most important tool for illustrating our characters, and we have a lot of opportunities to draw this.

If you don’t know how to draw a line segment you can read about it in this “beginner’s guide” on drawing a line segment.

Toyota Car - Views DWG Block for AutoCAD • Designs CAD
It’s one of those steps that you can do with your eyes closed and will help you learn to draw the first time. And yes, even if you haven’t drawn a line segment before, we recommend you start from the beginning because it provides a lot of useful advice and also helps beginners learn to draw better.

One thing to remember: we don’t want our lines to be too long so they won’t be visible when looking from the right side.

Let’s get drawing….

Let’s take a look at “cameo shape”

When we have a complete vector shape, let’s go over it and identify our line segments and make them a

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