How do you draw a dolphin? – How To Draw A Unmarked Police Car Youtube

October 27, 2020

C: It’s very easy. Just take a photograph, cut it in half horizontally, put it somewhere where you can see it and then you can build the model.

Q: But you draw them with pencil?

C: Oh, my God, no. I usually use colored pencils and sometimes black and white. But I draw them with watercolor.

Q: So you’re using two colors and using both sides?

C: Yes, yes. You make two layers, make an invisible layer and paint the surface that comes after that. For these kinds of dolphins, they look like they move.

Q: If, when you drew these dolphins, you wanted to go faster, did you ever have to take off your clothes and cover them with the other dolphins’ skins?

C: I don’t do that anymore, because the drawings are much more difficult to draw.

Q: That’s true of all people. What is the hardest thing about drawing dolphins?

C: The hardest thing is making them move. Also, the most difficult thing is, they don’t give us their ears. We make two or three of them, put them on the back of one of the sea lions. And we give them two little ear tips. Then after a while, another thing happens. Sometimes they’ll pull the ear tip off and start swimming through, and we won’t have anything for them.

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Q: I don’t know, the drawings are not easy.

C: Yes, the drawings are not easy. You have to put the two layers of paper together and you do the drawings and then you get them and you try to draw a few lines and make them move. It’s quite a process.

Q: You don’t have to take off your clothes?

C: No, it’s very hard to take off your clothes.

Q: But I see.

C: If you see a dolphin, even if it’s just swimming in your house or swimming down the road you don’t want to get them off your clothes. Because it might be very close to the house and even if I’m going to swim away, when I go inside there must be them right in front of me so I have to swim down the street to pick them up. I don’t want to get their hair because that might be cut off during the journey.

Q: I see; I understand.


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