How do you draw a crocodile? – How To Draw Cars 3 Lightning Mcqueen Crash Girl

September 26, 2020

“You get an idea by first looking at one. I always try to capture it on film. It’s one of those things where it’s got a look to it that’s pretty compelling. With that, you’ve really got to work on the design. How do you draw it?

“A little bit like a human figure. You want something that’s recognisable as a crocodile, but you don’t want it to look like something on steroids that looks like it’s the wrong animal. It could be like a big crocodile or a little giant crocodile or whatever. I like animals that are really strong and powerful.”

On how he designs for the show

“I think it’s a real pleasure and an honor to be on it. It’s a series where I get to do something I’ve wanted to do for a while.”

Where is he looking at these days – as the actor or the model?

“Now that’s a very good question for you. I used to be a model before I became an actor, but I stopped that. I’m now a very talented makeup artist, so I’m probably looking at makeup more than any other part of my career.

“You learn a lot from working on makeup, particularly for shows like this. You take some of the skills you learn when you’re a model and apply it to the makeup. It’s all about learning and growing.”

When and why did you join up with BBC America?

“I got involved because after The Night Manager and The Crown, I thought it would be a nice way to spend some of my time before I made my way onto dramas, and to take some more time doing dramas and getting to know people a little bit.

“But I think it’s been such a positive experience, and it’s really taken off from there with the show. It has changed everything for me – for the better.”

Are you working on something this year that you haven’t told the press about?

“No, I think I’ve said nothing about everything, actually. I get asked about stuff like that all the time. It’s hard for me because they like to see new things and they want to know when they’re about to see them, if they’re about to see them.

“But as I said, I’m very happy on BBC America, and I think every single one of my colleagues there is as talented and as talented as I am

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