How do you draw a cow in real life? – How To Draw Cars 3 Crash Scene Full

September 30, 2020

It’s easy. You just turn the body over.

This is more important (if not more common) than you might think. Just imagine what you’d like to be after 20 minutes, if you were only able to draw a cow one at a time. One with a mouth, eyes, a belly button, a cow’s feet (not just a cow), and a set of teeth.

It’s important to know not to draw your own dog’s ears or fingers, as they’re too obvious, too recognizable, and they’ll ruin the illusion. If you want to draw a cow that looks like your own dog (it doesn’t have to) you can use a dog’s eye, or something similar. Try some things, and the result will be amazing.

In the end you should start asking yourself why you want to look/be like a cow. What do you want, and how do you draw her?

Now that you know your cow/dog/cat looks, and that’s your goal, think about what you want the eyes of both cow/dog/cat to look like. What do you want them look like above the eyebrows? That’s where we start to look for some more details. Once we get to that point, the eye shape can be as subtle or as elaborate as we want.

Drawing eyes

If you want some tips before drawing your dog’s eyes we’ll take a look at two techniques you can use right now. For your reference, we’ll draw a cow in all her glory below, but I’ll also show you something more realistic for reference: a dog with a cat in its mouth.

How to draw an animal’s eyes

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For simplicity’s sake there are only two types of eyes we’re going to be drawing. One eye for the head and the other for the whole body. Your actual eyes should be drawn as an average eye shape, no more, no less.

When you want something to look like a cat, look for things like the lines between its eyes, the lines that you can see between its ears, the dark, blue line between its forehead and ear, the “nose,” and the eye shape that’s easiest to draw yourself.

When you want something more like a dog, look for the eyes and line between the eyes (I’ve made that a little easier to draw by drawing them with different thicknesses or lines so they’ve a nice amount of depth). Look for other details

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