How do you draw a cat face? – Things To Draw Cartoons Disney

November 14, 2020

I’m not suggesting drawing a cat with a full beard—but I do see a lot of cats with a lot of facial hair who are smiling. So, you want to figure out how to make a cat look happy, even if it’s not a cat.

You’ve always worked with cats. What were your favorite experiences creating Catman’s work?

I worked with a lady from Japan, my first Japanese pet. She was an orphaned kitten, and she became a big dog, as well. She was very sweet and pretty, and everybody would say to her, “Oh, cute girl!” And she’d smile, and then everybody would say, “You’ve got to be kidding.” And my friend would come from Texas and go to Tokyo every morning and work with her. He’s there every day.

So my friends would say, “Oh, I want that cat for my party tomorrow,” but she was so beautiful when she came. When people would do the drawing, she’d say, “Don’t I look so good?” “Oh, you do—I just don’t see anything.” And she had great eyes.

This is Catman’s first Catman comic book.

You’ve said that the comic has a “puzzle aspect.” Is that a good description?

As comic books go, it’s one of those things where you don’t know what the end will bring. There is something to the beginning and the end with this thing. I don’t think that the ending is going to be as clear as maybe it could be in a movie or in a book. But I’ll just use it as a jumping-off point for a future adventure.

I know we have yet to see Catman’s third or fourth issue—but what’s coming up in this series?

Well, I’ve got the “Merry Christmas” issue now. It’s a holiday issue, but we’ll see Catman on Christmas. But it’s probably Christmas Day.

Well, I’m glad you’re saying that. What do you have coming up for next year?

I’m going to do something very different for Christmas!


I’ll do a story where I’m a ghost-cat for Christmas. The only problem is that you don’t get any Christmas. You’re just a ghost-cat—the only thing you do for Christmas is go out, drink, and get laid. That will take a little more

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