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October 9, 2020

Well, that’s pretty well determined by the size that it is. So we looked for cars that had a good range of sizes within the family.

We wanted cars with a good range of shapes, we wanted cars that were reasonably sized in terms of size, and we were also interested in cars that were affordable. We found those things, and we came up with a car, a two-door hatchback, to be sold online as a kit for the kids. (See more about that project in this story.)

It was an obvious choice for the kids. They are really creative, very enthusiastic kids, and there was no shortage of good ideas. I was lucky, for us. The kids have had lots of free reign, for their own projects, to build and design cars.

How to draw Hennessey Venom GT supercar step by step easy ...
The car and the kit arrived one morning – the middle of the night, which isn’t unusual because I work most of the time at the time of night – and my son was in heaven, because there was no sign of anyone, not on the way home or the way home from school. “There’s a car that’s here! Let’s go and see it!” “It’s so fast! Let’s go see!”

I had parked the car in the driveway and opened the garage. The door opening sound was not at all audible, because the car hadn’t turned on its alarm. He didn’t even know it. That surprised me somewhat because he’d been in the garage since 7:30 in the morning, so he knew how loud the alarm was.

When I opened the garage and stepped into the parking space under the car, there was a good old-fashioned blue, old-fashioned blue pickup truck.

A little guy walked right up to the car, and I couldn’t believe it. He was so small and had such a small size. I think this guy was probably 8-10 years old. He walked on to the trunk, grabbed the hood in a half-crouch and climbed out. He had all his hair down, and a big grin on his face. It didn’t matter that he had on dark blue jeans, a light blue shirt that went down to his underpants, and a white button-up shirt that matched.

He opened the trunk and reached in and pulled out a few small bags. I had already started to panic a little bit by that point because at that point the car was empty.

He reached into the front seats

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