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August 5, 2020

What’s a rabbit for that doesn’t involve a house?

How does a rabbit figure out what to do with itself?

And what would it actually look like if it did?

The answers to these question and many more are answered in the rabbit book. In this rabbit book, you’ll learn to draw, color, cut holes in things, sew, dye, etc. You’ll also discover new words, phrases, and stories. This book is for children of all ages. If you’re in your children’s third grade class, be sure to get your hands on the book.

This book is a gift to any rabbit lover. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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I’m not a teacher, and never have been. I just saw the pictures on line, and wondered how these would work.

In the book, you’ll learn to:


Cut holes in things

Ease and trim around ears

Cope with a variety of sizes of things in a room

Put in toys

Make rabbits in a variety of colors

Add a variety of noises to a rabbit

Use a range of materials to make a variety of items

Put something in a basket or hide it somewhere (with the help of your mouse!!)

The bunny book came out in October, 2009. It’s still here and free.

The book is free, the bunny book is in print (in paperback and hardcover). They are also available for download for your e-reader. The PDF files are small so they might take some time to download and open (e.g., some people might need to try the file before they can use it). The e-book file is the same size as the printed version.

What’s in the “free” rabbit book

In the book, you’ll also access the following:

A glossary

A lesson on colors

A guide to what’s inside a cup

A lesson on what things look like in the rabbit house

A quiz

A video on how to make a bunny out of a toy!

How to order

The rabbit books are also available in a print version on our website, and for download and e-book in the same format:

You can also order the ”

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