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September 11, 2020

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Drawing the perfect face

For this drawing exercise we want to get to the point of not making a mistake, and to draw realistically. To do this, we’re going to start by drawing our main character.

We are going to start with the default face, which is the one that you see in every single game.

This is a simple face, but that was not always so. The face has been changed over generations. If you want to know more, check out the How to Draw Games page.

There are two different sets of eyes in the game: our primary left eye, and our secondary right eye. You can also choose between a primary and a secondary left and right eye; for simplicity’s sake, we use the secondary left eye.

You can have up or down eyes and noses; for simplicity’s sake we used the standard nose.

Start by drawing everything you see in the game.

Make sure they are not overlapping, and don’t go nuts with lines for this.

The head is our primary visual feature, right?

Here we have just focused on our primary face.

We want to move all the elements we are going to use into the background.

The only parts that we are going to fill up with our background character are the eyes. Don’t go crazy with the shape. It should be as simple as possible, but it only takes a few seconds to find out which of your eye is stronger.

And we are almost done!

There are some special things you may want to draw in the background:

We could draw the player’s hand or something we can use as a weapon .

. Our eyes could change the color to match the current situation.

We want this character to look like her environment is different from the real world.

We want her to be a more realistic model of herself.

There really are a lot of ways we can show our characters’ personalities by drawing them. If you want to try creating an atmosphere, you may want to get creative and create a few environments using your imagination!

Now it is time to draw the rest of the character.

We can draw the arms, hands, legs, feet, torso and hair. And we can also draw all the various facial expressions that we will draw.

Let’s start by drawing our main character’s head:

This is one of the simplest shapes you can

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