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August 15, 2020

For some artists, it’s easier than others. If you’re drawing on colored paper, or the type of paper that’s best for you, you might find yourself drawing a lot of small details over time: eyes and lips, skin folds, wrinkles and other details that are impossible to achieve on a computer or in computer animation. The same goes for sketching. If you’re drawing from memory, you may find yourself sketching over and over again, while working on your other projects.

You can spend hours drawing a single character, or you can draw a bunch of characters at once, or you could try some other sort of drawing exercise. I recommend drawing characters that look kind of like the ones you have now and keep it simple—like the kind you see in a coloring book.

For more general tips on drawing, check out my other resources, like this beginner’s guide to line drawing, and this lesson about drawing lines!

A little more information (and some pictures)!

The first public demonstration against austerity since George Osborne began the process of cutting the public sector pay bill was held in central London. It was organised by the shadow business secretary Angela Eagle and a number of the key figures in the leftwing community – trade unionists, academics, the unemployed and unemployed people and others.

It began with a march from the London Stock Exchange where we heard from thousands of people – mostly former MPs and business leaders – in support of the people of the UK who feel they have been unfairly victimised by the Tory government over the last six years. It continued from Regent Street, where Angela Eagle spoke, through the capital centre, around the city and back toward the Stock Exchange where it finally left the stock exchange at about 4pm – some 20 miles later than planned.

The march was led by one of those who led the anti-austerity movement in Northern Ireland. One of the organisers of the protest, the union Unite, said afterwards that the march was “an important step but we cannot continue in the street without an effective anti-austerity movement”.
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The demonstrators held a united voice against the cuts imposed on working class people in Scotland, Wales, the Republic of Ireland and the rest of this island: the government’s plans to cut public services; cuts to tax credits and the Universal Credit programme which has left thousands of people in work and others with severe credit problems and falling back on food banks; as well as the planned cuts inflicted by the Conservatives in the health service as

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