Why does Shakira belly dance? – Belly Dancing Scarf Kids

October 26, 2020

The world’s most famous dancer is one of the most important celebrities on the list, and her latest dance move is just a little bit different than her other moves.

During a promo for her new album “The Art of Hustle,” Shakira performs a belly dance in which she moves her hips as she bounces around in place and then lifts her shoulders high to the sky. Although she’s shown dancing in similar movements before, this time she’s clearly got the whole thing down.

Shakira’s belly dance is so effective, the singer does it several times in the video. It’s a beautiful and fun way to kick off the album’s opening single, “Wings,” and Shakira herself appears to enjoy it. The way she dances, the way the way she swings her hips, it feels like she’s putting on a show.

In this video, Shakira doesn’t just perform a belly dance, she also uses a bunch of other moves she’s done before, like doing a high plank and side plank to “Wings” and showing off her backside doing a high front plank to “Wings.” This may seem like a lot of moves, but it’s all completely natural. The only move that’s a little strange—even bizarre—is that while she’s on her belly, she raises her hips even higher to the sky than she was just a few seconds ago.

We can’t believe what we just saw. Check it out—and be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

A New Haven lawyer is pushing New Haven state officials to remove from public property a statue in favor of a more permanent memorial to former president Theodore Roosevelt.

The Roosevelt likeness on the statue, which has stood since 1907 at the corner of E. Main St. and Route 40, would be moved to a new location, according to a petition filed Tuesday with city officials by New Haven attorney Daniel Brug.

“This statue was not created as a tribute to the man, but as a tribute to the man who shaped the history of New Haven,” said the petition filed with the City Council. “The statue was a gift to the city by the man who created it. It was not placed there intentionally to glorify the man, and yet, it has done just that.”

Brug filed the petition in support of an artist who said last month he plans to place $1 million in private donations as the city tries a fundraising campaign to restore the statue from the ground up to its

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