What is the dance called when you move your feet? – Belly Dancing Classes Melbourne

September 2, 2020

Arahabaki: Well, the word dance is always with a sense of motion.

Kono: This is like the dance with my legs.

Arahabaki: You know as well as I, “dance with my legs.”

Kono: “What else is there?”

Arahabaki: This is how you move your feet.

Kono: My feet are the ground. Arahabaki: “Oh,” but not every dance is like this.

Arahabaki: I’m just saying that with the right movements.

Kono: That is very nice, but do not forget to think.

Arahabaki: If you do not, you’ll be stuck like this.

Kono: I know.

Arahabaki: So move forward like this.

Kono: Yes.

Arahabaki: Now, your body comes down naturally. What do you think about?

Kono: I did not expect to be able to move that smoothly with my legs.

Arahabaki: You do not have to wonder whether it is possible.

Kono: But why should I believe in it? Why should I trust that?

Arahabaki: It will come to the dance. Now, move your feet as I instruct you.

Kono: Yes. You say that, but I do not know how many of my legs there are.

Arahabaki: All is natural.

Kono: I know that.

Arahabaki: The legs come down naturally.

Kono: Ah, but I don’t know if I should really believe it.

Arahabaki: Then go ahead and move your feet, and follow my instruction.

Kono: Yes.

Arahabaki: Your feet will naturally go down without any trouble.

Kono: Then I was taught and I will follow your instruction without any problems?

Arahabaki: So it’s just for now.

Kono: It goes really smoothly.

Arahabaki: And I don’t have to worry about whether you go or not.

Kono: I know that. Even if you do not go, you do not worry.

Arahabaki: If you do not go, the dance will

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