What is Raks? – Gold Belly Dancing Costumes

December 4, 2020

Raks is a simple system for storing data on a remote server without needing a complicated API, and it is the backend of Zillow.

For our demo, we are developing an app using the web service and Zillow API. To create a demo app, you need to create a new project. Once you created the project, click on the blue “Create” tool button and you’ll see some basic steps for creating the app. The instructions are pretty straightforward; go ahead and download the project file, create the project and click on the “Create” button.

The app will then be listed in your app directory with two projects:

The app is set up, you can now start writing some code!

A Quick Demo

Now we are going to show you how you can use Raks to store data on a remote server with our web service, which we will create in the next section.

The first thing you need to do when creating an app is create a new project. To do so, click on the blue “New” tool button and you’ll get some simple instructions to create that project. Click the “Create” button to start creating the project.

On the next screen, you’ll just need to select the path you’d like the project to store, and the database model that you’d like to use to store your files: MySQL or PostgreSQL.

After going through the configuration, the project will create itself.

Now that the project is created, you can start writing some code.

First, we’ll define a method to store some data in a local database. If you look in the file src/App/Models.ts, you’ll notice that the AppController is using the same file structure as our Zillow demo project. So let’s go back and change the route to return a JSON response.

Our app also had a method for generating an API request. Since we were using the same API, we could just use that. So for our JSON response, we use the following code instead:

This gets called once the application starts in the browser so that the server can find it.

Now we need to add our Zillow app to our app. We first need to add a folder to our app, create the folder and then create a file in it named main.ts and paste the following:

The app is now added in the app directory. We can now

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