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December 2, 2020

Raks is a game framework, library, test infrastructure, framework server, and a test suite for the game engine. Raks is the core of the game engine. Currently, raks is using rakudo as its test suite.

How does Raks work?

In order to write a game you run a game loop, and you use a game loop template which can be used to write a game. To avoid using global state every frame, it is important that every action (game loop) can happen in one frame.

To run the game loop, a RAK game is generated, this allows RAK to do the work in the same frame where the game loop is running, so that the game loop can also be written in one frame. When the game loop executes in a frame, it performs the following actions:

Get player data.

Run the player game loop.

Save the RAK scene to create the game scene.

Create all the nodes of the game scene.

Create an instance of the game object with a data object on all the active nodes.

Create the game loop.

Create the scene.

Get the player object.

Get the player’s node state state.

Get the player’s node status, if the player has a node and has no node status.

Get the player’s node’s current frame state.

Reset the current game loop.

What is done in RAK game engine?

Raks game framework takes care of all game logic that is not part of the game loop, and also handles a lot of the game logic that is part of the game loop, such as game loop transitions.

What is the goal of RAK?

Raks goal is to make it as easy as possible for users to run games in RAK. The current goal is to make the user as simple as possible in the process. The RAK game framework is very simple. The game framework simply takes care of the whole process for a user. This way it is as easy as possible for the user to use RAK game engine.

How is this framework for Windows?

It is being written by my co-worker, Daniel Lee, and his team at Red Hat. The development of Raks is done mostly inside Red Hat and my co-workers. We have done very great work on the framework.

How are you supporting the

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