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November 27, 2020

To learn a dance routine you simply have to sit down with a book. For most dance routines the first book (or the first ten minutes you will sit in that chair for), is required. If you are just learning what the dances look like, there was once a time when a book in the library would have been more convenient. With Internet access it is now possible to find out what’s out there, and what the next choreographer did in the past. It is now relatively easy to see what the current dances are, or see a preview of what to expect on the show when it airs.

What is a “dance”?

A dance involves 2 bodies moving together in a variety of techniques. A hip dance or a bicep dance have two parts each moving both together to a rhythm, whereas an open toe position with hands moving together makes a “bouncing” movement. For most people it is the open toe that provides the most energy. Other positions are found in some parts of music that have an open toe in the middle and feet moving simultaneously, but which also allow the dancers more freedom of foot placement. The most common places where open toe positions will be found are in dance style and in classical music.
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Some people also call a hand ball or a hand flip a dance, despite the obvious reference to an active ball or hand maneuver.

Who taught me these dances?

Most dance teachers will provide a step-by-step demonstration of the movements, from the “opening” of a technique to the opening of the next, or from a demonstration of a particular move to its “staging”. The most well known of dance instructors are:

Eleanor Darragh Dance Studio


Sara Fischbeck Dance Studio


Gloria Czerny Dance Studio


The ballet company Dance for the People


Are there other dance movements?

Yes there are; the opening and closing of a round, for example, are all examples of traditional hand and arm movements. However modern dance is evolving, and some of these traditional moves do now use hip, foot and spine movements, so there are other variations of dancing you can learn.

What are the advantages of the modern dance?

Modern dance

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