Does twisting burn belly fat? – Ghawazee

August 13, 2020

No, we do not twist burn belly fat. The reason is because when you have fat, your body can do amazing things. But if you have fat in your belly you are going to get skinny.

It is important to remember that when we are pregnant, we have extra lean fat lying around and that helps our baby. It is also important that we have a healthy diet, but that does not mean you are going to suddenly become a ripped woman. A large percentage of women develop a lot of belly fat in the first 6 weeks and there is no need to get rid of it because it is important for overall health. So in general your belly should remain soft and fat free.

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How does twisting burn belly fat?

This is a question that sometimes comes up when people are told, “No, you need to avoid twisting.” When you are twisting burn belly fat you are actually twisting your upper body to burn fat. A belly twisting session can be very helpful in lowering your cholesterol in the form of your blood.

You start by lying on your side on a comfortable sofa that you can stretch out on. Keep your head in the same position but slightly tilted back. Slowly straighten out your upper body so that it’s not twisted into a fetal position. Twist your lower body to the left by pulling your stomach out to the left of your chest. Now you are twisting your lower body by twisting the middle of your body forward to get it straight. You should be using your left arm to assist your right leg in making these motions. If you can easily do all of these twists without bending at the knees, it is a good sign you are working your abdominal muscles correctly and are using them correctly. You can do all of these poses with the right side of the body. When you move left side down, you should move your stomach, upper body and lower body in the same direction without twisting. This is a pretty good indication that you have already lost many of your belly fat. Now it’s time to twist your belly.

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