Do you have to be skinny to belly dance? – Belly Dancing For Beginners Video

September 3, 2020

I don’t think that’s the right question.

How about to become an adult? How can you have both?

What is the difference?

I’m just saying that a body type and a style of dance are not the issue. The issue is how you move and what kind of moves and choreography you do, as well as the content of the dance. You can’t do a type of dance and have belly dance as one thing.

There’s a lot of women who are skinny and they have belly dance, because there are a lot of women who want to dance belly-up.
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They want to dress the way they want. You don’t really get to know someone through their dance before you meet, and you don’t even go dancing with them unless they’re doing something with their body. Then you see what they do. What about, if I’m a dancer who is a lot more of a dancer who’s really into body movement? Does being skinny in belly dance come in for consideration or is it the norm or isn’t it? Is that a problem or not? It’s like having a different background, you are not the same, and that creates a tension with one another.

This is the thing, if you’re an older, experienced dancer, and you’re someone who is really into movement and moves as opposed to someone who is someone who does movement really well, you’re not going to be able to see body type in a person dancing belly-up. Because they are going to think they are better than they are. It is sort of a matter of understanding the person, your body type, and finding a type of dancer who is good at movement or a dancer who is good at movement that works for you and for the movement. In the beginning, there’s just all of it — I’m talking about having different kind of movements — but as you become more experienced, you start to see things.

As for what kind of moves we are talking about and the content of them, that’s a question that’s completely different than belly dancing, where it’s more of the same — belly dance — and that’s fine. That’s what being a dancer and being comfortable in your body is about.

What’s the difference with belly dancing?

Oh, so what you’re referring to is in my mind, if you’re a dancer who’s good at movement and you do a lot of hip, back movements and hip and neck movements

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